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مواقع - خرائط GPS


Mawaqi3 gives you the ability to list near by places like mosque, Bank, Cafe, Gas Station, Hospitals,School,University , Airport,Parcs ... Mawaqi3 app is using Map api so it can display all nearby locations as per search criteria. If you want to navigate to the searched place then it is advised to enable GPS .
Also Mawaqi3 acts as a great navigation tool by which you can find your way in a strange city, discover all the great places near you . Especially it will be easier for you to find your wanted place thanks to the direction tools
Features :
* Nearby roads suggestions for better decision* Easy to use app , just enable gps and 3G/wifi and all is done* The app provide many location services* compatible with all smartphones* Save favorite places* Ability to adjust search distancemanually